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17 inch Dell laptops

If you usually pick your laptop accordingly to its display size then this means that you’re a person that looks for a gadget into entertaining purposes. Well, this is not a bad thing at all, because this means that you’re a person that isn’t for the things that are boring and things like that.

We hope that after you read our topic you make the appropriate choice and that you found a laptop that simply satisfies all your needs. It’s hard to enumerate all the gadgets that have 17” displays and over this size, because the market is just stuffed with these types of gadgets.

Today we decided only to present you 17” Dell gadgets and maybe over this size. There are three main gadgets that have this display size and that gets over it, but depending on their configurations they may have a price or another.

All of these being said let’s start describing our suggestions and see in which you decide on finally, shouldn’t we? The first product on the list and it is Dell of course, is the Inspiron 17! This one can be found in different configurations, brand new and in different price ranges: $579, $659 and $868.

The Inspiron 17 has at the basis the newest processors from Intel, more specifically the Intel Core i3! Also, you can apply for a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and 250 GB (which differs from every configuration) and 5400 RPM, also there’s the 3 GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3 (that can also differ too).

DELL Inspiron 17

The Studio 17 is next on the list with an Intel Core i3 processor at the basis (there’s also the variant with the Intel Core i7 processor), the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, 500 GB HDD and 4 GB Shared Dual Channel DDR3.  Depending on the configurations these laptops can have different starting prices, like $749 and $1,049.

DELL Studio 17

Last on our list, but not least and it’s the most powerful of them all is the Alienware M17X. This one is really reliable and portable and you may have a general idea about it, because we’ve been mentioning several times about it.

This 17” laptop has at the basis the newest processors from Intel and there’s the Windows 7 Home Premium Operating system that will turn out to be useful in all the things you intend on doing. Another thing that we have to mention about is the 250 GB HDD and also the 4 GB Dual Channel DDR3. This laptop can be found in a slight design and with a lunar silver tone and anodized aluminum cover.

Alienware M17X

All these things make this gadget wonderful and really wanting you to buy it, but the prices is definitely a barrier when it comes to this process. We hope that we convinced you about these 17” display Dell laptops and maybe in the future you purchase one of them!

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