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200 new features in Aperture 3 from Mac

We guess you all know about Aperture 3, Mac’s program for editing pictures. You’ve taken your pictures with your Apple gadget and probably you want to edit them here and there. This program will certainly help you, and from now one it seems to be better, because you have new features regarding it, you’ll have other adjustment ways and full-screen editing and browsing and let’s not forget about the other great new stuff!

So, there are 200 new features regarding Aperture 3, but we’re only present you some of them in order for you to create a general idea.

One of the aspects we want to talk about is Faces. With this feature you can find a particular face in a crowd, the face is detected automatically and you can name a person, click on the face and write his or her name if the person is unknown for the program. You can also organize your photos with Faces.

You can also see where your photos have been taken with the help of GPS features, which helps you locate the spot. Let’s mention that you get a similar picture from the program, with that particular side of territory! It’s amazing how can a single program do that. Another thing is that with this feature of the program you get your pictures organized accordingly to the country, state, city or the spot where it is made!

Use brushes and modify your picture with effects. For example, if you have highlighted wrinkles in one particular picture you can modify that particular area with only one click! You’ll be able to play with various effects, sharpen the lines and play with colors also.

Click just once and you’ll have a picture adjusted in any way you like. Apply effects to your picture and see what suits it better. You can start with black & white, sepia or high contrast features of the adjustment preset area. If you like, you can create your own adjustment presets….

Use the full screen part and you can play and edit your pictures with this feature. You’ll be able to move from 25percent to 1000 percent study details. In this way you’ll be also able to move from a project to another.

The final aspect we want to discuss about: the advanced slide shows. Use your favorite pictures or videos, mix them together and place your favorite song on the background! You’ll create wonderful slideshows that conserve your favorite memories. Let’s not mention about the multitude of effects you have from passing from a moment to another! You can also edit the soundtracks in any ways you like and so on….

As you can see the Aperture 3 program has great features and if you buy it you’ll get only good features. You have also a guide that shows you how to use the program, so it won’t be any problem is using it…

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