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A good bargain – Fujitsu’s LifeBook MH380 notebook

If you’re a student and you don’t have a big quantity of money and you don’t want an ultra-powerful gadget then it means that Fujitsu’s LifeBook MH380 Mini-Notebook will suit you perfectly! This gadget is especially designed to be taken with you in all the places you like, at school, at the library, in the park and at home! It’s so great and it has a good price of $449!

As a basic description, it has these features: an Intel Atom processor, a genuine Windows Starter, it’s a lightweight mobile gadget it has wireless LAN and Bluetooth, an integrated webcam and the battery life can resist up to 7 hours and 10 minutes!

Fujitsu gives you also some recommended options, meaning a 2 GB DDR2 667 MHz memory, an auto/air adapter and a mini notebook sleeve!

Let’s start to talk a little bit about the notebook’s features. The Intel Atom processor will help you in all your applications, and as a student you may do all your tasks on your gadget! It’s true that you can’t play sophisticated games, but you can settle with easy ones very easily! You’ll be also helped by the operating system Denuine Windows 7 Starter, in all you applications and all the things you wish to do…..

It’s true! You can carry your notebook everywhere you wish and it won’t be a problem, because the notebook is so easy and it weighs 2.97 lbs! The product is also thin and robust, which means that you can easily place it in your backpack or purse!

With the help of the integrated webcam and the wireless LAN features, you’ll be able to talk with your parents from the campus side and tell them what are your problems and how much money you need this week! In fact, think of how many fun moments you can spend with your notebook, together with your friends, of course!

The fact that the battery life resists up to 7 hours it’s a wonderful thing, meaning that it can resist with you during the classes and you’ll be able to charge its battery when you get to your room!

We also forgot to mention that the gadget has a 10.1” display, which will certainly help you in your discussions and not only! Think of your projects and your documents seen in a good resolution!

The exterior looks so juvenile with a glossy ruby red external lid, offers the buyer a great aspect, but if men and boys don’t like this cover they could also apply for a skin and the problem is solved!
You’ll be able to do casual things with the LifeBook MH380 notebook, stuff like surfing on the Internet, checking mails, chatting on different programs and so on! think of this aspect: you’re not a business man or a very busy person, so this is a good starting point, the price is good so you can settle with buying such a gadget as a basic point.

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