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Although our present generations perceive laptops as indispensable assets, let’s see how old these products are on the market and how did people could do without…

The first idea was given by Alan Kay that created the Dynabook, this thing happened in the early 1970s at the actual PARC, known in those days as Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). This can be named a starting point in this domain!

After 10 years, more precisely in 1981, we can find the attempt of the Osborne 1 portable computer, that was very heavy, about 10 kilograms and also had a very “nice” price, only $1795. Oh! Why did the company that produced it (Osborne Computer Corporation) end up being bankrupt?!

After a few years this domain becomes more and more concrete. In 1989 the market had actually a portable notebook, whose weight was accessible for those that wanted eagerly such an asset; its weight was only of 2 kilograms! It wasn’t so bright and it also didn’t create a fuss, and this was because it didn’t have a hard drive! This product was launched by NEC UltraLite!

The next company that entered the market in this domain was Apple with its Macintosh Portable and reached failure because it wasn’t a refined product!

So, we can observe only decades of failure, not only one concretized project, only computers that were meant to be portable, but the quality was low!

The failure of the Apple Company seemed to be encouraging, because the years that were to come represented only success, as the PowerBook was introduced, a new pattern was presented to the public and this could mean only success for the producers.

This may be named the starting point, indeed for the market of portable computers. Nowadays we can see how much success this product has and surely it is an asset “in trend”! People don’t search for plain computers as rough as they used to!

It is wonderful to know the market stuffed with laptops and the accessories for them are beginning to get interesting as the time passes! Let’s explore these domains because it definitely hasn’t got a precise ending and surely we will have marvelous things to find out!

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