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Acer and the educational system

Throughout the time we’ve mentioned some things about the great brands and their involvement in the educational life. Acer is a brand that has involved itself through great projects, for example let’s recall its partnership in the Winter Olympics this year….

Acer admits that it’s important to involve in the educational life and to invest in it, because the young ones will be important in our future. The 21st century is characterized through great technological discoveries and the young ones should get advantage of these totally. Let’s not forget that there are a lot of funds that permit this thing and between these Acer lists K-12 Education Funds and Higher Education Funds.

So it is also noted that in the past two years there are a lot of evolved gadgets, which are made especially for helping the consumers. There is the side of the notebooks and the netbooks. These fields have encountered a great boom and we would like to mention some things regarding this aspect.

The notebooks are much expensive than the netbooks are. For instance, the price range of the notebooks is $450-$2299 and the others have a price range of $299-$499. This is the difference between the prices, but at the level of the technical features there are also great disparities….

So let’s see some differences between the technical features of these two types of mobile gadgets: the notebooks have Intel or AMD processors and the netbooks have only Intel Atom. The notebooks have a long life battery resistance that comes up to 10 hours, these are heavier than netbooks and have screen sized from 11.6” to 17.3” and the netbooks have 10.1” display size. You decide to buy yourself a notebook or netbook. Ok, it’s a fact that you can’t do so many things with the latter gadget, but it’s effective at school if we’re talking concerning this aspect!

Acer has also started a great contest for K-12 schools and the prize offered regards new learning labs, which look modern and have all the utilities possible! On the official site acer.com you can find out the finalists of this great contest.

This great brand wants to attract students and teachers to be involved in an extraordinary mode in the educational field: all these with the wonderful Acer products. Many schools and educational institutions throughout the world have adopted the gadgets of this international brand! Also, you should know that these have great results and the learning process seems to be easier and delightful! We also hope that this process will extend in all the world and this will certainly be a big step in education!

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