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Acer and the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona

Beginning from yesterday until the 18th of February all those interested by the mobile technology and other such features can go to Barcelona because there takes place an edition of the Mobile World Congress.  This event is very important for the mobile communications area, it’s an international event and all the important brands will be there to show off….

Let’s think of the future of mobile gadget. What they’re highlighted by? Well the answer is simple: reliability, extraordinary mobility and good technical features. We all like to feast our eyes and hands with smartphones, notebooks and netbooks. All these products will be presented on stage and everyone will admire each and every product.

We have today products that are reliable and resist multitasking functions. We are able to talk through the internet only by using a phone or a notebook with those that we love and our known ones. It doesn’t matter where you are, it is important what product you carry with you!

We’re going to talk about one brand in particular, and that brand is Acer. This company wants to create a certain unity between people and technology. This is a thing that has been realized already, because you could see from our last articles regarding Acer that it has been involving in different fields: it is a collateral partner at the Olympics and also its project to introduce netbooks in schools…. Acer has produced so many mobile gadgets that everyone knows how they’re used and the price isn’t a problem in some of the cases.

The computer is no longer used as it was used some time ago: it helps you in your day to day problems, you can easily carry it with you, it’s used for fun and for relating people. The basic term is convergence, which defines all the things mentioned above. This feature helps you in your language tools and you understand in this way all there is needed for being understood. You have representing, you exchange and organize information and these things only for you the buyers.

The basic idea is to create a single User Interface and you can synchronize all the data and you’ll be the one that has to win from this deal. Acer sees the daily life and the need of the customers, it also knows what the future costumers wish from a mobile product.

Mobile World Congress at Barcelona

Most of the people are seen to want a mobile product that has Bluetooth and WiFi features and not only. They want to have all these great things in order to live a simple life and a great mobile experience with no hardships. Acer wants to offer the buyers and the future ones, products that help the enrich their lives with a simply product, that help them have a simple Internet connection and to do all the things they need at a particular moment (gaming, watching a movie, blogging, realizing documents for work)….

The Acer members assure you that you will live a wonderful mobile experience through their products. So let’s feast our eyes at this great event and see what Acer has for us!

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