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Acer and the Olympic Games

We all know about the projects of Acer in education and not only! Another interesting partnership regards the brand and the Olympic Games under the logo “excellence expressed”! What does this mean briefly? It means that Acer has designed some laptops in a special edition with the signs of the Olympics and you can still buy this series….

Acer is a Worldwide TOP Partner of the Olympic Movement starting from this year at the Winter Games and in 2012 (if we don’t die; joking!) Olympic Games in London. This is a big plus for the brand and surely it will be an interesting company through the entire world! At the Winter Games in Vancouver, Acer has provided more then 6500 pieces of computing gadgets and more than 100 computing technicians!

The company has launched three products in a special edition under this partnership: Aspire 1810T, Aspire 4810T and Aspire 1410.

The Aspire 1810T has a nice silver metal external lid and a diamond cut Olympic Games composite logo. This gadget describes itself through nice features, like thinnest and it’s featherweight! These are the qualities regarding the exterior! Besides these proprieties it has also great technical features! You can carry it wherever you want and it won’t be any problem: it’s less then 2.5 cm thick, only 1.40 kilos and a 11.6” display! In only one word: awesome!

Asus Aspire 1810T

The Acer Aspire 4810T has a nice, glossy silver external lid and let’s not forget about the chrome silver Olympic games composite logo! Its 14” display and reduced dimension give you the opportunity of taking the notebook in all the places you attend! You’ll be able to get advantage of this gadget for 8 hours without any problems! This notebook has also received and award in the Timeline series! So, what you’re waiting for?

Asus Aspire 4810T

The Acer Aspire 1410 has a silver brushed-metal external lid and a diamond cut Olympic Games composite logo! This gadget describes itself through great features like thinnest and featherweight design with great technical features! It has an 11.6” display which permits you to get advantage of your movies or video folders! You’ll be able to do all the things you want with it and carry it around because it’s 2.5 thick and weighs just 1.40 kilos! Wonderful, isn’t it?

Asus Aspire 1410

If you’re interesting in buying one product of this series you can simply enter the official site of the Acer brand and you have to mention where you live in order to see the methods or buying the notebook! Simple as saying pie!

Acer has done many things in education, environment and now in sports. It’s so great to see how a well known brand involves itself in so many great things and how it gains popularity with the good deeds done!

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