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Acer Aspire 1810 Timeline

We would like to continue with presenting other interesting products from Acer and we hope that they’re going to be effective in a way or another and that you’re going to take this one in consideration as well- if you want to buy a laptop in the future.

The product that we’re speaking about is Acer Aspire 1810 Timeline and we’re certain that this one seems interesting enough to you. This one delivers the mobility you need and you can take it with you in all the places you go. Also, let’s add that besides the fact that you can carry it wherever you go, you also can get advantage of all the power that is needed.

Acer Aspire 1810 Timeline

The 11.6” display offers you interesting visuals and you can be certain that it won’t disappoint you while you’re on the run and you want to watch a movie or simply multitask, it offers all that you need.

Also, let’s add that the laptop is really thin, over 1” and it has a full size FineTip keyboard that offers you about eight hours of power for your gadget. In fact, what more could you wish for if we come to think of it in this way?!

So, let’s add some more information about this laptop in order for you to make a general idea and see what this laptop is really about….

Acer Aspire 1810 Timeline 2

We got to the conclusion that this laptop is easy to take with you in all the places you go and you can carry it with you in all the places you go. Let’s also add that it’s really easy to use and the Acer FineTip keyboard that we mentioned previously about tells it, there’s also the multi-gesture touchpad that doesn’t involve any difficulties when it comes to its usage. In case you do encounter problems with using the touchpad we totally recommend you to apply for a wireless mouse.

Acer Aspire 1810 Timeline 3

We mentioned about the display with all its great features and let’s add that it has 3D graphics and the 16:9 HD format. The HDMI port makes sure that you can connect all the peripherals really easy and that you’re going to get advantage of a gorgeous movie while you’re sitting on the couch in your room. There’s also the Dolby Sound Room multichannel sound that needs to be taken into account and it’s also an important feature as well.

We mentioned the fact that this gadget has a battery life resistance of 8 hours and this is due to the ultra-low voltage processor that consumes less energy and makes sure that you can use this laptop almost all day long.

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