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Acer Aspire 7741Z

The Acer Aspire 7741Z is among our suggestions of laptops that we want to share with you and we hope that you probably take it into account for the future time in case you want to apply for a new gadget and really cheap and on top of all with good technical features!

So, first of all we want to mention about the fact that this laptop has a starting price of $498 and you’re going to be able to take it into account in case you don’t have a large amount of money for purchasing the future laptop.

Let’s also add about the technical features, because after all this is what matters the most isn’t that right?

We start with mentioning about the fact that this laptop has at its basis the Intel Pentium P6100 processor, which is really effective and it’s no problem whenever it comes to multitasking and using it for hard tasks.

There’s also the Intel HM55 Express chipset that is going to deliver a high level of power and you’re going to love all the things that concern the technical features and the feedback that you get advantage of. As for the standard memory size it’s about 3GB of DDR3 and this means that you’re going to be able to use the gadget with the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and this, without encountering any problems or difficulties.

The next thing we want to mention about is related to the hard drive capacity of 250GB of HDD that permits you to store all those files and applications. There’s also the DVD RAM optical drive, which lets you to easily burn DVDs without encountering any difficulties.

Acer Aspire 7741Z

The screen size is of 17.3” display with the Active Matrix TFT Color LCD is another feature of this laptop that can be considered as a big plus. The dimensions permit you to easily entertain yourself in front of a movie and at the highest level of quality. You’re going to be able to multitask with ease and observe all those windows without having headaches.

The internet features are also great and this means that you’re going to have access no matter where you encounter yourself. Indeed, a positive thing. You may say that these pieces of information aren’t news to you, but you definitely have to know that there are some laptops that certainly don’t have this kind of reliability when it comes to using them.

Also, we’re sure that you’re going to love using the Acer Aspire 7741Z in your household for entertaining activities and maybe use it in the office as a business laptop, because it’s really reliable and you can take advantage of its features with ease.

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