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Acer Aspire 8942 and Acer Aspire 5942 notebooks

We continue with Acer’s new products and we would like to mention the Aspire 8942 and Aspire 5942. What’s so new about them? The Intel Core processors at the basis and all those technical features and specs that simply make your eyes, hands and ears feast!

We forgot to mention that all these great products were presented at CeBit in Hanover and it seems that we the consumers are the happiest parts involved in this deal! We’re glad to hear that with these two notebooks we’re going to experience great multimedia experiences: playing games, modifying and creating clips and pictures and many other such great things. The presence of the new Intel Core processors is a thing that makes us smile and hope that we would be able to touch and experience a great mobile experience with one of these products.

The fact that these two notebooks have at the basis the Intel Core processors from the new line can be considered a wonderful thing. You may already know these things, but we like to mention them again: high-reliability, powerful technical features and also the fact that power is saved. Just think: multitasking without messing up your gadget or your applications! Besides that, you can do all the things mentioned above at a top quality.
These notebooks have CineCrystal displays in 18.4” and 15.6” sizes. These displays have great resolutions and that means that you’ll be able to catch even the tinniest detail reading your movie or the game you’re playing! Another nice thing about these displays is that they save a lot of power and also you’ll be able to see clearly although the light in the room or the surrounding ambient doesn’t help you.

This series of notebooks, besides the great technical specs have also a wonderful design. We forgot to mention that the displays are frameless; this can be also considered a great part. The next parts regard the shiny keyboard and the magnificent touchpad. Probably you never thought that typing can be such a pleasurable experience, you’ll feel pleasure when you touch those keys. Another thing that should be mentioned is that external lid is shiny and gives these gadgets a nice and cute look!

Acer Aspire 8942 and Acer Aspire 5942 have no problems also when it comes to the memory size, and we’re speaking now of 8 GB of DDR3.

Connecting to the Internet and getting advantage of its features represents also a piece of cake: through the Wi-Fi, Gigabit LAN and Bluetooth, you’ll be able to use it or connect with other gadgets!

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