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Acer Aspire One 521 and Acer Aspire One 721- powerful netbooks

If you’re looking for a powerful laptop we’ve got just the right answer for you and as of matter of fact we’ve got two great variants from where you can choose from and we’re talking about two great looking laptops from Acer: Acer Aspire One 521 and Acer Aspire One 721.

In fact, these are two marvelous netbooks that come and show quite well just how these types of gadgets have evolved throughout the time. In order to offer you great and powerful feature Acer has used the power of the AMD processors and the gadgets show this thing quite well.

acer aspire one 521

The AMD Athlon II Neo Dual Core processor tells it all about this great gadget and we’re sure that you’re going to experience this yourself. What is this type of processor doing effectively? Well, it provides up to 30% much productivity, it works faster (up to 45 minutes) with movie files and you can play calmly any game you want because you won’t experience any problems.

The two netbooks that were mentioned previously can be found in four interesting looking colors: Mesh Silver, Mesh Brown, Mesh Black and Mesh Red. Let’s also not forget that the Acer Aspire One 521 can be found in two chic tones: brown and black; this makes it a really strong accessory.

Although it is thin and light, this gadget has also a full size keyboard that involves comfort and functionality in the same time. Just think how gorgeous and portable is one of these netbooks and of the things that you’re going to experience with one of these in your hands.

The 11.6” display will be more than convenient for watching movies and things like that. Just think of the pleasurable moments that you’re going to experience with these in your hands. The 10.1” variant has a 93% surface of the size of a normal keyboard and you won’t encounter any problems when it comes to typing and things like that.

Acer Aspire One 721

The ATI Radeon HD 4225 graphics with 384MB of dedicated system memory offers you great streaming when it comes to videos on the Internet and HD playback. These also support formats like MPEG, VC-1, AVC. You won’t have also any problems when videos load and you wait for these…. It seems that these two have just the right amount of power that you need.

Use the HDMI output and you’re going to be able to see all your movies and videos on a large screen and this is more than you could wish for, isn’t it?

The multi touch track pad is ideal when it comes to browsing, scrolling, rotating, flicking and zooming; all of these with only the usage of three fingers. Pretty awesome!

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