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Acer Aspire One 752 netbook

Besides the three models we’ve presented up till now from the Acer brand, there’s also one left. All these products could be seen some days ago at CeBit festival in Hanover. We’ve also mentioned some time ago about this grand event and exposition.

So, Acer brought up the Acer Aspire One 752 netbook at the exposition and it seemed that the audience was kind of impressed. This gadget is especially designed for the modern human being that likes both to stay connected to the Internet and also enjoy the deepest multimedia features….

The notebook has at the basis the Intel Celeron ULV processor, a great HD display and Dolby audio. What does this mean? Well, you’re going to be able to get advantage of multimedia features: playing and listening to audio and video folders is piece of cake with this gadget.

Besides all the helping “hands” it is also really lightweight and it looks great. The netbook has less than 1” and weighs about 1.40 kg and really robust, in other words it is perfect to be carried around and you can put it wherever you like: in your sleeve, backpack, purse or suitcase.

The keyboard won’t give you headaches and the touchpad with multi gesture features helps you sail on the Internet without having any problems…. Scrolling through documents and zoom in and out. The LAN and VGA are put in the back corners of this gadget. Another aspect that we’ve forgot to mention about is the color line: you can find them in Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, Diamond Black and Seashell White.
The Aspire One 752 has an 11.6” CineCrystal LED display with wonderful resolution and high brightness. You’ll be able to see your video folders at top quality. This format has high portability and assures you that you’ll view your serials and sequels in optimal portability. The gadget has also 3D graphics, HDMI port and stereo headphones. You’ll see how many things you’re going to be able to do with this gadget. It’s absolutely wonderful and all these things while you’re on the run.

When it comes to the connection field, we would like to mention the Gigabit Ethernet LAN, Acer SignalUp technology, 3G connectivity and optional Bluetooth 2.1. All these will permit you to stay connected all day long and experience the great features regarding Internet on the run!

The webcam and microphone will assure you that you can keep in touch with the family or the business partners and you may also engage in conferences and make exchange of information….

The maximum capacity pf the battery life is of 5 hours, certain components may especially designed for reducing power…. The first feature may not seem to pleasure you, but certainly the ULV processor Intel GS45 Express Chipset will make you glad and also those 4 GB of DDR2 of memory. All in all, it’s a great gadget that’s made especially to make your mobile experience greater!

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