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Acer Aspire One D250 netbook

Here’s a product that will catch your eye from the first moment: it’s the Acer Aspire One D250 netbook. This is a good variant of mobile gadget that can be easily carried around and used for simple operations and not only….

This product is 1” thin and it weighs under 3 lb. these are the only some things that can be mentioned from the start. Let’s not forget also that it can be found in different variants, depending on the configuration you choose. This netbook has a sleek, attractive and slim design with robust features and it will definitely ask you to take it around with you!

Let’s mention the basic things that will definitely be in your interest: you can choose between the Windows 7 Starter and Windows XP Home Edition operating systems, and also between the Intel Atom processor N280 and N270. The Acer Aspire One D250 netbook has a Mobile Intel Express chipset, 1 GB DDR 533 SDRAM and up to a 250GB hard drive.

The 10.1” display is high brightness type with Acer CrystalBrite Technology, it is LED backlit, the screen has also an Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950, a webcam (Crystal Eye) and also a VGA port.

The audio features include two integrated stereo speakers, a digital microphone, headphones, line-out, speakers and microphone ports, also the optimized Dolby Headphone technology and there’s also the Microsoft DirectSound compatibility. All these things assure you that you enjoy a top quality sound and every time you listen to your favorite songs or view a movie you’ll understand everything is needed to be understood.

Also you need to know that the weight depends on the size of the battery, if you choose the three-cell battery it weighs 1.1 kilos and if you like the idea of the six-cell battery then your gadget will weigh 1.27 kilos.

There’s no need to mention the fact that this netbook is really easy to be carried around not because of its weight, but also because it’s really thin and it’s possible to be placed inside your purse or backpack without encountering any difficulties.

Let’s not forget also that this mobile computer is perfect for blogging or chatting: the WLAN permits you to connect to the web or send IM s to your friends. You can also maintain video conferences with the help of the Crystal Eye webcam, which is incorporated. As you can see there are only great things about the Acer Aspire One D250 netbook…. We just hope that you find the appropriate configuration both from the point of view of your taste and also in perfect coordination with the money you have in your pockets.

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