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Acer Aspire One Happy

In case you were looking for a cute netbook, really great looking and kind of efficient in the same time and you want to offer it as a gift then the Acer Aspire One Happy is the right gadget for doing it. You can offer it as a gift for your children or to your beloved one.

The Acer Aspire One Happy is definitely the gadget that confers you the feeling of happiness only through its exterior, it’s fresh, and it’s scented, sweet and sharp!

Even if it’s winter through the exterior you’re going to have the impression that you’re in the summer season, because you can find the Acer Aspire One Happy in three delicious colors: candy pink, lavender purple or lime green. Not only are these colors really happy, but really bright in the same time and you’re going to catch some eyes with their help.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
Besides this you can carry the Acer Aspire One Happy in all the places you go and place it with ease in your backpack, sleeves or even handbacka nd you’re not going to feel it. Also, it’s less than 1” thin and it’s really light in the same time.

You may say that the aspect and the dimensions are enough and there isn’t more to say about this gadget. Well, there’s also the keyboard that is really effective and you’re going to love using it – typing with ease and let’s also add that this keyboard has 93% dimensions. There’s also the multi – gesture touchpad that can be used with ease and you can take fully advantage of it, you’re not going to encounter any difficulties when it comes to its usage.

Acer Aspire One Happy

The battery life resistance goes up to 8 hours and this means that you can get advantage of some gorgeous hours of internet surfing with this gadget in your hands, check your mails, surf on the web and so on…. These are things that need to be taken into account and you’re definitely going to experience an interesting thing with the Acer Aspire One Happy in your hands.

We’re sure that after reading this review you’re going to want it for you, so why not make a gift for yourself? The Wi – Fi connection is just great while you’re on the run and you want to keep in touch with your closest ones and the integrated webcam with microphone is certainly another feature that is going to seem really helpful.

The processor type? Well, you have only one option to guess: Intel Atom N550 and we’re sure that you had a hunch in what concerned the answer. The other features that need to be mentioned are the 1 GB of DDR3, the 250GB of HDD and the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150.

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