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Acer Aspire Timeline 3811TZ / TZG

Here’s a great thing you may want to know about. Although Acer isn’t that preferred as other producing companies it has the latest releases on the market! This can be done in need of more consumers and buyers! What’s the newest thing about Acer? Here you have it!

Acer announced yesterday in Taipei, Taiwan that it is launching the every-green models a new thing added to the Timeline series of notebooks, meaning Aspire 3811TZ/TZG. What is so special about these models and why are they called ever-green? These products aren’t made of PVC and BFRs, which means polyvinyl chloride and brominates, as the usual products are.

This great idea has brought to Acer the Energy Star 5.0 award and all its intents seemed to finish with a success. It is well known that this company always wanted to make eco products, good for recycling the material and the energy the notebooks are made from.

PVC and BRFs produce some toxic wastes when the product is used! These substances aren’t that good and can affect the environment, so Acer tries to reduce some quantities of these “ingredients” and use other ones in the most effective way possible!

Acer has succeeded in realizing a great product that is long lasting and offers effectiveness in the same time! This series of Timeline reduce the energy consumed! The battery of this product lasts about 8 hours, which is a wonderful thing! It permits you both to work and relax in the same time! The Aspire 3811TZ/TZG offers great advantages in comparison with traditional gadgets, when these are used; they produce carbon and consume most of their energy!

The new models by Acer are especially designed for being recycled. So, when an internal piece of the gadget gets broken you replace it with modularized pieces!

As you can see, there is a tendency towards green products in every field! With this product, Acer wants to be recognized on the market with these types of gadgets, meaning ever-green notebooks! The principal goal of the company is to protect the nature, as all want to and also it wants many more consumers that appreciate the eco work!

The Acer Aspire Timeline was first announced to appear in April of the last year! It did appear and its entire products characterize themselves by thinness, low weight and a great feature of portability! This line of notebooks has also a low price, which increases the number of the buyers! Another great propriety is the fact that this product has a lower power consumption, which means that it can be really carried around and used in all the means you want!

Let’s not forget that Acer wants to produce gadgets that confer low toxicity rate, it doesn’t contaminate much the surrounding area, it’s easy to carry around with, it uses low energy, and let’s not forget the fact that its internal parts can be replaced very easily with new ones and the electronic waste is also avoided!

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