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Acer Ferrari One 200

In case you’re a person that loves cars pretty much and wants a gadget to reflect this thing it seems that we’ve got just the right solution for you. Oh, and let’s not forget also that it’s really handy and you can take it everywhere you go. This solution that we were talking about can be found under the name of Acer Ferrari One 200 and it’s a tiny notebook that is designed especially for those that love cars.

What is this gadget all about? Well, it’s a definite expression of excitement, pleasure, beauty and most of all power. You will receive all the speed needed with this netbook in your lap. It is designed in a very beautiful manner and let’s mention that it’s attractive, it’s really thin and you receive all the information needed.

The red finish recalls the consumers of the Scudetto Ferrari that is well known for its performance and has dominated Formula One even from the very first race. This special design makes it easier for you to carry the gadget around and the LAN and VGA ports are placed for quick use. You can observe in the interior side metallic red LED buttons that denote elegance and great looks, let’s also mention that you won’t have any problems when it comes to using the Acer FineTip keyboard.

Acer Ferrari One 200 2

The 11.6” HD Acer CineCrystal screen brings amazing resolution and it will be a pleasure for you to watch your movies and videos in the highest level of quality. The Dolby Home Theater surround sound displays nice features when it comes to viewing movies and so you’re going to feel like a part of that particular movie that you’re seeing.

An important thing that you definitely need to know is the fact that this netbook has at the basis the AMD processor together with the VISION Technology that offers extended battery life to your mobile gadget, responsiveness as well as rapid multitasking. The ATI Radeon HD graphics increases the quality of the movies you’re seeing and not only and the Windows 7 operating system makes it easier for you, you won’t encounter any problems when it comes to using it.

The wireless LAN has Acer SignalUp technology that brings extra efficiency and let’s also mention that with the Acer Crystal Eye webcam you’re going to maintain as many video conferences as you wish. As you can see, the Acer Ferrari One 200 isn’t only great looking, but it also has great features in the same time.

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