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Acer TravelMate 8172

Education is an essential thing in our lives and we have to think of all the possibilities and all the things that need to be done in order to obtain something with high quality, because this inspires the human being and all the things he is doing. Let’s mention that the gadgets and all the computing accessories have an important role in the educational system, not only for the professors but also for the students….

Here you have a notebook that will definitely inspire you in your process of studying and all the things that are related to learning and teaching and we’re sure that you’re going to take into account this ultraportable laptop for the future. You can find it at a starting price of $649 and we’re sure that you won’t remain disappointed of its features and configuration. We’re speaking about the Acer TravelMate 8172 notebook….

So, we delimited clearly that this gadget is ultraportable and you can be sure that it won’t let you down while you’re on the road and want to get advantage of its applications and features.

We start with saying that there are several variants of Windows operating systems from which you can choose and we’re speaking about the Windows 7 Professional and Windows XP Professional. It’s up to you what you think suits you the most.

Let’s also mention that the ultra powerful features are guaranteed by the Intel Core i3 processor which permits you to freely multitask and get advantage of all the features and applications at the highest level of quality. We’re sure that you won’t remain disappointed of this gadget.

We’re speaking about the 2GB DDR2 1066 SDRAM that have also an important role; you can store as many data features and applications you wish on the 250GB SATA HDD and we’re sure that you have plenty of files and documents to store.

The 11.6” TFT display will turn out to be useful every time you want to see a movie or something like that. It permits you to get advantage of the multimedia features freely and we’re sure that you won’t get enough of its vivid colors and all its powerful features. Let’s also mention that the Acer CrystalBrite technology will turn out to be more than useful in your most relaxing moments and you can do so many things while you’re on the run that you just can’t imagine. The Intel HD Graphics shows its maximum power and there are all the reasons in this world for you to love this gadget.

As for the webcam, it’s integrated and it assures you can maintain video conferences and speak with your friends while you’re on the run. You always keep in touch with them and you’re going to find out about the newest stuff related to them.

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