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Acer’s extended ITW

Technology will always help us no matter where we go. That’s the principal function of this field: it makes the human being’s life to be easier no matter where he founds himself and what time. Let’s take a quick view and see how are lives are now: we travel almost all the time, for education, leisure and also business. It’s basic that we take our laptops or notebooks along with ourselves because we need to stay in touch with the newest events that happen and also we can use these gadgets for entertainment…..

This aspect inspires the great technology brands to create gadgets that are made especially for the customers’ usage and to satisfy all their needs. We take as example Acer and we present to you the extension of the term International Travelers Warranty or ITW.

When the consumers asked for Acer ITW they were able to use this service for about three months, meaning that they were business travelers. So what do you do if you’re on vacation for more than three months or simply you decide to move from your country for more than a couple of months. Acer has an answer for everything, because it has extended the three month period to 12 months and you can enjoy this service for a year! You can be happy from now on, because you can enjoy this feature for longer time now.

We’ve been talking only about travelers, but let’s also mention the students that go to study abroad, so they go for educational purposes and they will be able to use the Acer ITW without thinking at time….

There’s also needed to say that Acer has extended his ITW surface and you can freely get advantage of it if you decide to go to: Taiwan, EMEA, AAP pr China. Worldwide there are other new 38 locations that have been added, and these are: 4 in Taiwan, 21 in China, 10 in Europe, Middle East and Africa and the other 3 are in Asia Pacific region.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve bought your gadget from and we’re going to give you an example: if you bought your laptop from the US and you are in a business travel, let’s say, in Taiwan, you can get it repaired in a jiffy!

If you have any problems or questions regarding this feature you can enter on Acer’s official site and see there all the support you need. Acer makes it easy for you and you get the best service from this brand. With the ITW feature you get advantage of the best service and traveling with gadgets won’t assume risks or problems from now on….

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