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Acer’s project of introducing netbooks in schools

Did you know that Acer has a project in collaboration with the European Schoolnet? Do you know what does this plan consist in? Well, if you did not know yet, the time isn’t lost to know some new things!

This project can’t wait to be applied in six European countries and it consists in introducing netbooks in schools! Children may consider this thing really great, but surely their parents will have some cons regarding it, by little by little the problem will be solved and the parents have to agree with this new project!

So, Acer involves itself in this campaign! The project has as a goal a certain closeness of the teachers and studends through the help of these tiny gadgets, and the starting areas are six countries from Europe! Together with the European Schoolnet, Acer wants to bring great technological features into the classes of the children! Through the usage of these netbooks, the information will be closer to the children and will be more accessible, and (why not?!) reduce some costs!

Children will use easily these products with the help of teachers and the classes will develop in a more interesting form and maybe the children will learn their lessons in a more pleasant ways, with the help of animated features and not only!

So, if you did not know many things about the organization with which Acer has begun this activity, you must know that the European Schoolnet is an institution that has been founded for more than 10 years and its principal goal is to bring innovations in children’s classrooms, in order for them to learn easily and apply to different means of technology! This organisation includes 31 European Ministries of education and in its field of activity, can be encountered several interests: learning with the usage of technology, policy, need of research, school services, research and need of the newest things!

We’ve mentioned several times the number six! Those six countries in which this project is going to be started are: the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Turkey! In every country there will be about ten classes of such kind! What will these classes will contain with the help of Acer? Well, a netbook for each and every student, a notebook for the teacher and a server with a display that permits the students to see the things explained by the teacher!

Let’s mention also, that the number of classes will come up to 50 in every country through the passing of time! The program will last about two years, more exactly 2010 and 2011. The principal goal is to let students and techers communicate better and teach every pupil how to use a gadget in case he or she does not know how to!

As you can see, Acer involves itself in these kinds of fields and it’s a big plus for this company, at least let’s see some fruits of all these efforts, right?

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