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Alienware M15x review

Alienware M15x can be considered as the little brother of Alienware M17x. both are really strong and have great technical features. So if you’re a real gamer it doesn’t matter if you have one or another, it’s important you possess such gadgets!

M15x (has the Intel i7 processor!) looks similar to the M17x model, both in aspect and in technical features! The unique difference between the two is the size of the display, in the case of the first one it’s a 15.6” display! The starting price is about $1.500 and let’s just recognize it deseverves every little penny!
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Similar to the M17x, the Alienware M15x has the look of a Chevy Camaro. The basic color it can be found is red (Nebula Red) and other variations are silver (Lunar Shadow) and black (more specifically Cosmic Black). The inside of the product, meaning the side tha has the keyboard is black, the external lid and the sides are red. Only by taking a glance one time at the gagdet you’ll remain impressed, you don’t need to play a game to see how great it looks (imposing lines and strong external lid)!
The keyboard feels simply delicious, as it resembles perfectly a normal one, of a desktop computer. Let’s mention that this laptop hasn’t got a numeric pad, so you have to manage with the normal ones, when it comes to macros in gaming. Another great thing about this notebook is the fact that the keyboard is backlit and you can have several colors on it, from green (far right) to orange (middle-right), to blue (far-left of the keyboard) and red (middle-left). You can play with this feature and combine all these colors creating a rainbow!

Above the keyboard there are some soft touch buttons made for rejecting Blu-ray discs, volume controls, a wireless button, two quick-launch buttons for the system’s control pannel and some buttons desgined for skip/play/pause.

The touchpad is ultra sensitive and it’s great to be felt under the palm of your hands, it has a glowing margin that may not be liked that much by some. If you’re a gamer that doesn’t like that much the touchpad you can always apply for a gaming mouse and you’ll feel ok by pressing every time the buttons of the thingy!

The 15.6” display has nothing but good things about it. For instance, one can usually see the flashes of the game during the night time and there is no problem with a person feeling like a part of that game, as you simply enter in it!

The audio qualities are good, except for the fact that you can’t hear the bass, but this thing is complteted with those anticipatory sounds that you may want to hear when an enemy approaches you!

The gadget has some ports that may help you through your mobile computer experince: on the left side a DisplayPort for videos, VGA, one USB, Ethernet, FireWire and finally a 4-in-1 card reader. Let’s mention also about the right side of the gadget: an ExpressCard/54 slot, mic, USB and USB/eSATA and also two headphones! It doesn’t have a HDMI, contrary to what you may think! Also, let’s mention it has a 2.0 MP webcam, which can save your reactions perfectly!

Alienware 211CSB M15x lowest prise: $1,594.99

Alienware m15x-472CSB lowest prise: $1,745.00

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