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Alienware M17x with Intel Core i7 Processor

Are you a gamer and you’re looking for a great portable computer to suit you? Well, you can have a wonderful gaming laptop (Alienware M17x) at a starting price of $1,799 now with the Intel Core i7 processor! Alienware seems to be known as the greatest thing in the gaming field and with this product this thing can only be highlighted once again and maybe with two lines!

With such a laptop, you will be able to defeat your enemies and through the extraordinary visual effects you’ll feel like a part of that game! It has the newest and wonderful Intel mobile processor “alive”, a dual GPU graphics and a wonderful exterior design! All these in a wonderful gadget, which will be certainly helpful in your hobby!

With the help of the ATI CrossFireX you can have very fast frame rates, high quality images and incredible performance on this Alienware gaming laptop. The BinaryGFX consumers can change integrated or discrete graphics, and with the Stealth Mode you “get rid” of discrete graphics and other features are put into action to gain up to 65W power limit.
The Alienware M17x offers your great proprieties, besides those mentioned above! One such propriety regards the usage of it! It has facial recognition software that distinguishes you and the strangers that use the laptop! So, nobody can enter in your data, because the laptop doesn’t permit it! as you can see this facial recognition is better than a password typewritten on the keyboard!

The laptop evolves day by day, because it takes the newest data, on its own! And how is that? This laptop downloads new releases and updates into the Command Center, so it will have new features and programs every day, or at least, every week!

M17x has a QuickTouch system control pad and keyboard! When you put your fingers and begin to press on the keys, you’ll see that you won’t feel a thing, it has great capacities and it doesn’t make any noise! The keyboard has also self illumination capacity with the AlenFX lighting system, which permits you to press that loved buttons even in the night time, without taking a deep gaze on the keyboard!

This product has a 2.0 MP webcam incorporated and let’s not forget about the digital microphone! These are important features in order to chat virtually with your friends and loved ones! This can be possible no matter where you go and where you find yourself with this laptop!  The 17 inch display is also great: it features back-lit proprieties and has a great quality! Discussing and playing will be a pleasure for the owners!

Let’s talk a little bit about the exterior! The exterior shell is made out of anodized aluminum; it has an aggressive aspect and beautiful lines! It can be found in two variants of colors: metallic black and metallic silver! All these features denote power: not only when you play a game, but also when you see the exterior side and feel it! Another thing that must be mentioned is that you can have a personalized part on the down side of the laptop, that are where you keep it in your lap!

Place your name there and personalize it!

Lowest Price: $1,899.99

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