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Alienware m7700 Aurora review

Do you want a laptop to play your favorite games on? If you didn`t know yet, the most important laptop in the field of gaming (maybe made especially for this) is Alienware, owned by Dell. It is indeed an expensive laptop, but surely it is worth!

It`s a very heavy gadget and the starting price is a couple of hundred dollars that can rise up to about $5000! Oh, if you didn`t notice we are talking about Alienware m7700 Aurora review!


Alienware m7700 Aurora

If you love blue then this laptop is especially designed for you! It has a blue lid and on the upper surface an alien theme, if you are tempted by the unknown then this product makes you explore more and more! Those alien eyes are put on the margins of the upper lid and being black you won`t have problems with finger prints!

Buying your laptop from Alienware is a good choice because you can choose the graphic card and processor you want! This kind of laptop will have most commonly an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ dual core processor and an nVidia GeForce Go 6800, and its principal rival is Toshiba`s, Toshiba Qosmio; if you`re not satisfied by the version of nVidia GeForce presented above, then try the 7800 GTX version and surely your hunger for gaming will be satisfied, but your pockets will be emptier!

Under the laptop, that means under it, you can find a card reader, 4USB ports, an Ethernet and a modem port, an in and out sound ports, FireWire ports, DVI video port, PS2 port and VGA out and let`s not forget, it has 4 fans which can be considered as a wonderful thing due to the heat that may be produced by you often using the gadget!


Alienware m7700 Aurora

Let`s talk about the keys of this laptop! This chapter may be considered a success because the keys are soft and not too small, beside those, you have 4 aluminum buttons created for: launching easily the browser, the media player, and power and also briefly opening your e-mails!

If you are on a trip this product isn`t reliable, so make sure every time you have it on you, there`s a plug-in area, because the battery`s life time is about 2 hours! Leaving this behind, let`s speak about the speakers, well forget about the disappointment in the battery area and prepare to smile, cause this laptop has 5 speakers, which means you can will hear all the fine sounds when you`re playing and rely on the speakers, because they don`t create any distortions!

It may be a heavy item and an expensive one, but people who are really fond of gaming will forget about how expensive it is, they may sell their cars (or who knows?!) and immediately buy one…Alienware m7700 Aurora review seems to be the best in the gaming business and it will remain for a good period!

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