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Amilo PI 3660 review

Here’s a nice notebook that caught our eyes from the first time we’ve seen it. It may not seem news for you, but we decided to make a review over it and its exterior aspect caught our attention from the first sight. Let’s also see some technical features combined with the great looking exterior and it will result the Amilo PI 3660 notebook….

We’re going to start with the basics and mention the fact that this gadget has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. It may not seem tempting for some of you, because it isn’t the newest version of processors, but this one is great too.

Let’s also mention the fact that you can pick between the Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows Vista Home Premium operating systems. No matter what you decide to pick, both work great and all your questions will have an answer. There’s also the recommendation to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. Throughout these operating systems you can apply for the Internet Explorer 8, which helps you to easily surf on the internet and enjoy all the greatest things.

Another interesting thing about this gadget is the fact that it has an 18.4” display HD+ with 1680 x 945, the format of this display is widescreen and it has BrilliantView technology. This means that you’re going to enjoy freely all your movies no matter where you are, and that you’re going to see them in a high quality. Just make sure you don’t think that you’re a part of that movie, let it not become too vivid.
We continue with the other features that regard the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M graphics with 1 GB VRAM. It has also NVIDIA PhysX technology that offers gaming effects, which are realistic and as mentioned before, make sure that you don’t get involved too much. There’s also the NVIDIA Cuda technology for a boost of performance, up until now only interesting things….

The other things regarding this gadget are: the built-in stereo speakers( that bring to you interesting sounds and you can here them really intensely speaking), 320 or 500 GB hard disk volume, up to 8 GB of memory, a SATA SuperMulti-format DVD burner, a 1.3 MP webcam with microphone integrated.

We also need to mention about the Wireless LAN, Bluetooth 2.1 and Gigabit Ethernet LAN. Use these features and connect to the internet, enjoy the newest things and maintain discussions and conferences through the webcam mentioned previously.

Besides all the things mentioned above there are some special features that you may like to know about: the spill-proof keyboard and also the silent mode function. Also, it weighs approximately 3.4 kilos and it can be found in a glossy black design.

That’s the Amilo PI 3660 and you decide whether if you like it or not. We remember to see it these days and we thought interesting to recall it to you too.

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