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Apple Mac laptops

Apple Mac laptops are really gorgeous products and having one in your hands can seem a dream for some. In fact, you’re going to remain surprised after seeing just how much you can get out of a laptop like this one- it’s really effective and as you know very well it’s between the most popular lines of laptops worldwide.

We thought it would really be an interesting thing to realize a topic on Apple Mac laptops and see exactly what these are about- since we kind of neglected them for a good period….

Apple MacBook

We start with some words concerning the Apple MacBook laptops that can be purchased around the price of $999.

In only a few words, we can describe this line as having at the basis the next generation NVIDIA graphics, fact that make them ultra effective. As for the batter life resistance, you can get advantage of your laptops for about 10 hours and this only with a single charge. There’s also the glass multi- touch trackpad that you need to know about, with multi gestures and pressing smoothly on it without encountering any difficulties.

Apple MacBook 2

Another thing that you need to know about relates to the unibody closure, which we consider another gorgeous thing to take into account and this means that you can carry it really easy in all the places you intend on going- placing it in your backpack or bag.

Next in the list of Apple Mac laptops there are the Apple MacBook Pro laptops…. These can be divided into three sections ones with a 13” display, others with 15” display and the last ones with the 17” display- these make the price different as well….

Apple MacBook Pro

Generally speaking about these laptops you have to know that they have at the basis the Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors, also you need to know about the next-generation NVIDIA graphics and up to the battery life resistance of 10 hours. Another aspect that needs to be mentioned relates to the aluminum unibody closure that we think it’s really gorgeous and we definitely see it as a big plus for such laptops. Did we convince you yet, just how gorgeous these laptops are?

Last on our list of Apple laptops is the Apple MacBook Air line, which is really gorgeous in the same time and you can rely on it definitely….

Apple MacBook Air

So, this one has as well the precision aluminum unibody closure, which is really gorgeous in the same time and it won’t let you down for sure. There’s also the advantage of the solid- state drive, which can be considered as a positive point as well, the NVIDIA graphics is gorgeous as well and you can rely on it whenever you feel like playing a movie or simply browsing into your stuff and getting advantage of a gorgeous movie. There’s the design with the environment in mind- which makes sure you’re going to be efficient when you’re using the laptop as well…

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