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New MacBook Air Review
You`ll be simply enchanted by this product! It`s the thinnest notebook you`ll see on the market! It will catch your eye immediately! How shouldn`t it? This fine product is worth every penny! It may be an expensive product, but it`s reliable, with a high performance and easy to carry around! Do you have any idea about what product we`re talking about? Well, of course it`s the Apple MacBook Air notebook!

Apple MacBook Air is a wonderful gadget that certainly is designed for people that know what they want and enjoy buying only good products, no matter how expensive these products are! This fine mobile computer weights only 1.36 kilos and its aspect simply makes you fall in love! Its external shell is made of aluminum and, of course, it has the well-known mark of Apple, that apple bitten from!


The weight and the dimensions (325 x 227 x 19.4 mm, which is wonderful, it doesn`t mean thin only, it`s super thin!) aren`t the only wonderful things about this product! The technical proprieties are also great, but we`ll talk about these later, another great thing about this laptop is the display and the keyboard! Although it`s a very thin product, the display doesn`t disappoint you at all, it has a size of 13.3” and it`s type Glossy widescreen TFT with LED backlit technology! This is a wonderful thing, as you already see! The keyboard has also backlight, which means you can easily use your mini laptop in the night time, or in dark rooms and places, such as airplanes or whatever…. Another wonderful thing about backlighting the keyboard and the display is they are enlightened depending on the amount of the light you have in that ambient! Isn`t it great? The touchpad is also great, it is kind of big, it suits perfectly the palm of your hand, and it`s easy to use!

Enough about the keyboard, display and touchpad, let`s talk about the technical proprieties of this laptop: an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 2.13 GHz frequency, a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M video chipset with a shared memory of 256 MB, a SATA interface with a HDD capacity of 128 GB, a standard DDR3 1066 MHz RAM memory of 2048 MB! Other aspects that you may want to know about: mono stereo speakers, microphone, iSight wecam, Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR all incorporated. There are also some ports for: USB 2.0 (only one), mini display, analog audio output, and headphone.


Apple MacBook Air, as mentioned before is a very expensive gadget, but certainly its wonderful proprieties have determined you to think of buying it! It`s a normal reaction, after all, because it`s improbable you`ve heard recently of a product that has both wonderful aspect and great technical proprieties! Revise your credit card and your pockets and make sure you buy yourself immediately this wonderful gadget, as mentioned before, it`s worth every little penny! If you buy it, make sure you get also a great purse with it so you can carry it around with you and everybody envies you! Joking!

Lowest Price: $1,139.94

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