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Art designs on Dell gadgets

We’re not done with Dell products that look really fine and that have an interesting design. We browsed fro some other models of such designs and we were thrilled to see that there are so many models that we did not mention about….

See that there are also some art models that make your Dell gadget look really nice and you have to add $85 in order for these to look interesting. We’re talking right now about Kon Trubkovish’s design, which is called “New Day” and it can be applied on the Inspiron 15 models.

Art designs on Dell gadgets2

The next design is also a work of art. There’s a nice combination of shapes and different themes, together with nice colors. This design is made by Jim Drain, you add the same amount of money if you like it and it’s called “Skiiz”. We also like to mention that it can be placed on the Inspiron 15 models.

The next design is called “Spinner” and we can understand why it is called in this way. It has different colors as background: purple, yellow, white, red and blue together with black. We consider this design interesting too and we totally recommend it as long as you apply your favorite color as background.

Art designs on Dell gadgets3

Another model is the “Spontaneous Personal Illumination (Female)”, which resembles a brainstorming scene of a woman. It has a purple background and somewhere near her head one can observe her thoughts mixed in strong and spicy colors. On her hear one can see the Dell logo….

Art designs on Dell gadgets4

The sky can daily be admired on the back of your Inspiron 15’s external lid. We recommend an art design, which is named “rainbow cloud” and its name tells it all…. It’s a mixture of the light from the sky together with the clouds and the rainbows. This is a quite good looking design; it’s minimal and so deep in the same time. The background is white and the other colors used are quite pale.

Art designs on Dell gadgets5

Who said that black and white don’t go well together? The “stained glass” model goes great and you can see the tiniest details in this great looking model; in the middle of it you can see the Dell logo, which blends together with the details of window drawings.

Art designs on Dell gadgets6

We end with another black and white design. This has also as basic theme the windows, it’s called “stained glass crow” and it shows a little part of some windows. We can observe all the details and you can just see how great these blend together.

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