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Asus and its gaming products at CeBIT 2010

Asus has always paid attention when it comes to satisfying gamers’ needs. At the CeBIT exposition the brand will highlight this feature and will bring the great gaming products in the attention of the visitors. You had the occasion to see what we’re talking about between the 2nd and today, the 6th of March, in Hanover at the CeBIT exposition, Hall 17.

We promise not to speak about the gaming monitors from Asus and cut to the chase. We’re going to speak in particular about the 3D gaming notebooks and other products that this grand brand has produced up till now.

We’re speaking about the G51JX 3D gaming notebook, which has great features and it is ideal for gaming on the run or even inside your household space. This gadget has an Intel Core i7 CPU that offers the ultimate 3D games features on the 15.6” display that has the NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision features. Let’s underline the fact that this is the first notebook in the world that does this. You have the Avatar: The Game in order to see that we’re not joking relating these things. Play this game and see the great functions of the processor and the 3D technology.
Asus comes with great features for the motherboards and give the perfect platform for Intel X58 and AMD 890FX chipsets. The great technical features of these assure you that you’ll have the top quality while you’re playing, you’ll have the coolest temperatures and it brings you efficient operations. So there’s not problem in overheating or things like these….

With the new innovations in the ROG board you have the ROG connect and ROG connect Bluetooth that will help you control o host of parameters from your notebook or netbook with a USB port.

There’s also ARES, which offers you great graphics performance on your PC gaming machine and makes your gaming experience easier and much pleasant than it used to be some time ago.

The video side will be always completed with the sound features. You have multimedia features that will help you hear sound in an accurate manner, up to the tiniest details and foot steps, for this part Asus provides you the Xonar Xense, which is a totally new thing in this field.

As you can see, there are wonderful things prepared for the gamers and their category. We’re happy to hear that: an exposition dedicated only to these consumers! Just great!

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