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Asus B series – Asus B43F

So, in case you were looking for a reliable product, one that’s really great looking and effective in the same time then it means that you have to redirect yourself towards the B series of laptops from Asus, which means that you can apply for the business laptops!

Ok, so did we mention just how effective this series is? We must have, because we had a previous article on this line of laptops and we’re still waiting for your feedback and to tell us whether you like them or not.

So, let’s also mention that you have enough work space, you won’t encounter any problems when it comes to free space and not only. Let’s also mention that the battery life resistance is really effective in the same time and that you’re going to be able to carry your laptops in all the places you want to go and these won’t let you down definitely. How about that?

We’re left with talking with the last product from this B series and it’s the Asus B43F laptop. This one has at the basis the Intel Core i5 processor, which is really effective and will definitely turn out to be useful in every day in which you decide to use your laptop. Also, multitasking isn’t a problem when it comes to this laptop- all its features seem to indicate it perfectly.

The 14.1” HD is another element that makes sure that your laptop is going to be useful when it comes to multitasking and not only. Entertainment is also a pleasure when we’re speaking about the Asus B43F. Indeed, nice details mentioned here and we’re certain that these seemed pretty interesting to you as well.

We need to mention also about the 2GB DDR3 and the 320GB HDD, which mean extra space and for storing all the applications and files you wish. Quite great if we come to think of it!

We did mention that the battery life resistance is extended; well we’re back with this feature and mention also that you get up to 5 hours of battery life and we’re certain that this is going to be more than enough.

So, let’s specify some other interesting details concerning this laptop, like the fact that it has an extended battery life and was just mentioned previously, there’s also the 3 year battery warranty that sounds pretty great as well, the docking station ready, there’s also the Intel anti-theft feature and the data will be also protected in case you accidentally drop your laptop and this means that you have no reason to get worried.

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