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Asus B series – Asus B43J laptop

So, we promised to continue with presenting you the B series of laptops from Asus and we’re back in order to help you choose the appropriate gadget for you. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about the previous gadgets and that they turned out to be useful in the same time, they helped you make a decision.

As we mentioned before the B series of laptops is really effective and great looking in the same time and it’s hard to find nowadays laptops that satisfy almost all your needs. You only have to take into account that it’s difficult before finding your gadget and it’s indeed a great thing to find the appropriate one.
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We start with presenting you the Asus B43J laptop from the B series of laptops. You can choose between the Intel Core i5 and the Intel Core i7 processors and these make sure that you receive the highest levels of quality and power. Multitasking won’t be a problem with this laptop in your hands and we’re happy to share with you this thing. Also, let’s mention that you’re going to be able to do so many with the help of this laptop that you just can’t imagine and this is indeed a stunning thing.

The 14.1” HD screen is going to be useful as well when you multitask and you can use it also for entertaining things. The ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 boosts the high quality of your laptop’s functions and you’re going to get advantage of fine features as it seems.

Asus B43J 2

The 2GB DDR3 and 320GB HDD demonstrate also just how great this laptop is and we’re certain that you’re going to have all the space needed for storing all your files and applications.

As for the battery life, this one resists up to 4 hours. You can consider this period kind of small and not that effective, well let’s mention that after all you’re using it at the desk and you don’t need it always while you’re on the run. Also, if you take it with you while you’re on the run it won’t be a bad thing at all, because this means that it won’t let you down and you can be certain of it!

Let’s see also some other features that you can get advantage of with this laptop in your hands, shall we? Well, it’s the fact that it has the Intel vPro, the 3 year battery warranty, there’s also the docking station ready, the Intel Anti-Theft feature, the 3 year global warranty and your data will be protected in case you accidentally drop it.

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