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Asus B series – Asus B53J and Asus B53F

Some time ago we’ve decided that the Asus B series of laptops is really great when it comes to the levels of capacity and good aspect as well as the fact that it can act really prompt when it comes to your needs. We’ve presented briefly the entire series and we’re certain that you fond it pretty interesting. Here’s what we’re going to do today: we’re going to realize a review on the entire series and study each laptop in such a manner that you make a general idea and decide what computer suits you and what particular one doesn’t.

So we would like to start with the Asus B53J; this one has an Intel Core i5 processor and there’s also another option for which you can apply for and it’s the Intel Core i7. Ok, so besides this fact there’s also the 15.6” HD LED matte display that will make sure you’re going to multitask freely and not only. Besides the fact that you’re going to do all your projects and applications in a very fast and easy manner, you’re going also to get relaxed and stuff very easily.

Asus B53J 2

The ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 512MB is going to turn out to be really effective when it comes to working fast and at the highest level.

Also, another aspect that we want to mention about relates to the 2GB DDR3, the 320GB of HDD which are really effective when it comes to storing all your data and files. The battery life resistance goes up to 4 hours and this is more than you need sometimes, after all you’re a fast traveler!

Asus B53J 3

Asus B53F is the other laptop from the B series and we would like to present it to you as well. This one has at the basis the Intel Core i5 processor, which will turn out to be useful in all the procedures you intend on doing with your laptop, also multitasking won’t seem a problem with this laptop in your hands.

Asus B53F

The 15.6” HD LED matte display will deliver the highest level of quality and it will be a pleasure to work with it in your front. The Intel GMA HD will show just how effective it is as well. the 2GB DDR3 is great as well and it’s useful in the same time, the 320GB HDD shows just how much you can store in your laptop and this is indeed more than you need. The 5 hours of battery life resistance will be effective when you use your laptop and not only!Asus B53F 2

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about these two laptops and in the future time you’re going to read about some other gadgets that are a part of the B series from Asus.

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