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Asus business computers – B series

Are you a business man and need a powerful gadget that can be easily carried around with you every where you go on your business meeting and so on? It seems that Asus has everything solved because it brings to you the B series of gadgets.

Under the B series there are also sub series: the B50 and the B80 notebooks. The first series we’re going to take into consideration is the B80 series that can be characterized as being stylish, versatile and powerful with a great sense of integrated security.  These notebooks are powered by the Intel Centrino 2 Processor Technology, which is ideal for users that want more and more from their life and notebooks.

The B80 notebooks have at the basis an Intel Core 2 Dup processor, a Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset and embedded Intel GMA X4500HD. The 14.1” display is top quality and it also has a 1.3 MP web cam integrated, which means that you can easily maintain video conferences with your business partners and there are also microphones integrated too….

Asus business computers - B series2

There’s also a card reader for 8 in 1, MMC, MS, MS-Pro, SD, mini SD, MS-Pro Duo via adapter and all of these will help you to transfer the data from your mobile phone into your phone and vice versa.

The B80 series includes also a built-in Bluetooth v2.1, Intel Wireless WiFi, integrated 802.11 a/g/n and integrated Intel High Definition audio. All of these features mean that you can get advantage of the internet features every time you feel like doing it and whenever you need it in business purpose.

Asus business computers - B series3

Next we will continue with speaking about the B50 series of notebooks, but this time we’ll be brief. This sub series is characterized through a versatile and powerful platform for business executives and it’s powered by the Intel Centrino processor technology, similar to the B80 notebooks.

We forgot to mention about the first series and this thing is identical here too: you can choose between different versions of operating systems, like Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows Vista Home Premium.

Asus business computers - B series4

This series’ display is 15.4” and that’s definitely a difference between this series and the B80, but both share the same technical features, that is, great technical features and the fact that you can carry them wherever you go, because these are lightweight. Also their battery is really resistant and we think that the operating system won’t involve any problems in being used.

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