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Asus Eee PC 1201PN with new features

Asus Eee PC 1201PN is a netbook that seems like the ideal travelling companion for those that are always on the run and expect to be entertained by their gadget’s functions and applications. This is a laptop that goes beyond ordinary and we’re sure that you won’t get bored with it, as you’re going to see in the lines to come….

So, with the 12.1” display this gadget brings twice as great graphics quality as its predecessor used to and the performance level is higher as well. These are great starting points and let’s also mention that this petite mobile computer is easy to be carried around and it fits any possible carrying case that a traveler may have.

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We were mentioning something about the 12.1” display, it’s type WXGA HD and it has only great and bright colors that will definitely make you feel like you’re a part of what you’re watching or doing. With the Intel Atom N450 processor you’re going to get advantage of high levels of performance and this is more than enough, but there are many other things to come. There’s the next generation NVIDIA ION graphics, which seems to be the greatest stuff of them all, because it definitely highlights the main function of this netbook – entertainment. The HDMI input makes sure you can observe all the movies and videos you like best on a large screen in your room or in the living room. The High-speed wireless-N helps you stay connected with your friends no matter where you are. The Windows 7 Home Premium is the ideal operating system, because it’s easy to be used, it’s fast and really effective in the same time. So, what more could you wish for from the Asus Eee Pc 1201PN?

Let’s see exactly what is the NVIDIA ION graphics all about, shall we? So this feature has DirectX 10 support, 512MB video memory, it obviously supports the latest Intel Atom processor and it has 10 times faster performance than any other gadgets…. These features have to definitely push you to buy this gadget and we think that you have all the reasons for doing it.

So, with the NVIDIA ION graphics you’re going to experience great entertainment features at the highest level of quality and you won’t remain disappointed be sure of that! The 12.1” HD display has marvelous features and a great resolution, the wireless-N makes everything easier for you as well as the Wi-Fi feature as well.

Besides the technical features there are also the physical ones that make it greater: the chiclet-style keyboard that doesn’t permit dust to remain between the keys, typing is much easier now and let’s also mention that the multi-touch track pad permits you to zoom, click, and scroll very easily throughout all the windows and browsers without encountering any problems.

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