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Asus EEE PC 901

What makes Asus Eee Pc notebook be so irresistible? In the first place its weights less than 2 kilos and it is perfect for browsing on the internet and exploring your own documents! You can choose between Eee Linux and plain regular Windows operating system that are pre-installed.


Asus EEE PC 901

This gadget isn`t that expensive, so you can buy it if you really want it! The notebook has some things that produce dissatisfactions, but you must get used to them since you wanted a mini-compute! The mini keyboard which you are going to get used to, may be substituted with another one and maybe a mouse if you can`t handle the little asset!

Although it has a cheap aspect, like made from plastic the Eee PC 901 is quite resistant, it has a 8.9 inch display, and speakers placed somewhere at the base of the notebook that may be an inconvenient for some! This notebook permits you to write a document, store some information, browse on the internet; it has an Intel Atom processor that can be considered as positive!

Even if its battery is long lasting (about 4 hours), if you use it normally it may overheat, so try to use it properly and not have problems with it: the things you can do is browsing the net and writing documents and certainly it won`t smell weird! Its fan is like on the silent mood and that`s a positive thing cause you can take it wherever you want and the people surrounding you won`t be disturbed by what you`re doing or the gadget you have with you, won`t even be noticed!

The Eee Pc 901 has a very good wireless system, so you`re safe to use it if you have wireless around you! What you`re waiting for? Browse around you and see if there`s anybody with a laptop on his lap and just go for it (that`s if you have an Asus Eee Pc 901 and a wireless router)!


Asus EEE PC 901

The only things that seem to attract the buyers is the price and the little format, although it is kind of uncomfortable with the small keyboard, maybe too small for some of us, it is a better variant of the previous Eee Pc, and it is a good thing that it has the same price: people won`t be stupid to buy the previous variant!

Though Asus Eee Pc 901 is in competition with other portable computers from the same company, many consider this encouraging; the price makes the difference, in this case between the previous Eee Pc edition, Eee Pc 901 and Asus Eee Pc 1000H, guess who`s the winner? Indeed, it`s Eee Pc 1000H, and indeed the price speaks many things about the product!

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