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ASUS G51J 3D gaming notebook

Gamers should be considered happy! And why is that? Maybe because ASUS launches the most important feature yet ever seen: a notebook that uses NVIDIA3D for those real gamers, those that feel really happy by hearing this news! What’s this product named? Yes, most of you maybe already know the name, it’s the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) G51J 3D, especially designed for all the gamers that really want to live and enjoy a beautiful gaming experience with the help of the special designed 3D glasses that give an unique experience!

This nice notebook has great capacities and offers great moments for those that are really for gaming! For instance, the already mentioned 3D glasses that offer the NVIDIA 3D Vision qualities, 1 GB DDR3 video memory( you have adrenaline pumping all over your body and you can enjoy these features everywhere you are, because you have a notebook and it’s not heavy)! Other important features regarding this product are the CMSS and EAX that regard the audio part, which is tremendously good and you’ll enjoy every sound heard, feeling in that world, in that environment! Let’s not mention the Intel Core i7 processor that confers great technological proprieties and make the gamers enjoy every little time of gaming without any problems!

ASUS G51J 3D gaming notebook 1

What’s so special about those 3 D glasses? Well, those glasses cope with an infra-red thingy that makes you see things in another dimension, you see everything really clear, it’s like you’re a part of that world with the help of those glasses! Just think of games like Resident Evil, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Star Trek, Borderlands or World of Warcraft that can be played everywhere you like! These games can be placed easily into the ASUS G51J 3D notebook and make you feel like a character from that game!

Just think how many games you can play and the technical features really help you to enjoy every sound of that experience: with the EAX Advanced HD 4.0 3D audio propriety (great scenarios and environments with 3D effect, it gives up to 64 additional sound effects, with real effects and makes you feel like a part of that world) and the CMSS that confers the surrounding sound.

ASUS G51J 3D gaming notebook 2

With the help of the Intel Core i7 Processor, this notebook offers the great experience of multitasking without problems, so you can browse easily in your folders, while you take a few seconds from your great game!

The new ASUS G51J 3D can not be compared to any notebook on the market! It’s a gaming notebook firstly, which permits the buyers to take advantage of a new experience and with the help of those 3D glasses they certainly feel new experiences, which can not resemble any other “feelings”! This gadget will certainly please the gamers section and certainly they won’t be disappointed of its features! More importantly, this notebook will be available soon and it has a starting price of $1699.99. So, you draw the conclusions….

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