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Asus G51Jx gaming laptop

Some time ago we were talking about the gaming laptops exposed at a certain festivity, well now it’s time to present one of those gadgets and let’s observe together just how interesting these gadgets are. Shall we?

First of all, we’re talking about the Asus G51Jx gaming laptop that can be described in a few words like this: a 3D gaming laptop that is powered by NVIDIA 3D Vision, the latest Intel Core i7 processors, the backlit display keyboard, 3D audio and also let’s not forget about the Power4Gear Hybrid that saved the battery life and also boosts performance.

Asus G51JX

Having at the basis the latest processors from Intel, to be more specific the Intel Core i7 processors this gadget turns out to be a high-performing gaming laptop. Together with the NVIDIA GeForce graphics this gadget makes sure that you experience the highest level of power and let’s not forget to add the Windows 7 experience – you draw the conclusions. All these features indicate the fact that you’re going to get advantage of the highest level of quality and power and we offer a big plus! You’re going to receive the best gaming technology and far more than that….

We were mentioning something about the Intel Core i7 processors and let’s also specify that these feature the Intel Turbo Boost Technology that permits the gadget to adapt the speed in no matter what action you’re doing or intend on doing. Let’s also not forget about the Intel Hyper-threading technology that allows multitasking and you can run as many simultaneous applications as you wish. The Asus Power4Gear button boosts the technological limit overboard and the graphics also – this means that you’re going to play more than a game; you’re going to feel a part of that world.

Asus G51Jx

The NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360M GPU and the built-in NVIDIA PhysX technology are elements that permit all the realistic features that we’ve mentioned above. There’s also another helping element, the ultra-smooth 1080p video playback and let’s not forget also about the 500GB 7,200 RPM SATA HDD (with dual HDD). So, you’re not going only to play games: you’re going to be able to enjoy movies and see the most vivid pictures ever while you’re on the run.

Enough about the technological features and all that stuff: let’s continue with presenting you some features concerning the exterior aspect about this gadget. The basic thing that we want to mention about is the full sized that is backlit – you will be able to play all the games you like even though the surrounding light doesn’t help you at all.

We hope that with the things presented previously we convinced you that the Asus G51Jx is indeed a strong gaming laptop and maybe in the future time you’re going to take it into consideration if you’re looking for a gadget of such type.

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