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Asus G73Jh gaming notebook

We haven’t forgotten about gamers and we want to dedicate this topic especially for them. We struck by a great product from Asus and we would like to speak about it a little bit!

We are speaking about the new Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) G73h, it is kind of late to present it we know, but better now then never! This is a gaming notebook which plays marvelously with all your senses, there are those design cues that seem inspired by the Lockheed F117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter, and many other features that make this gadget breathtaking.

The notebook has a matte black exterior, great design and dual angular “heat exhausts” that can be found at the back of the gadget. It won’t be any problem to carry this gadget with you because it has fine aspect and it’s very thin. All its features come to say “take me with you” and just think of how many rounds of games can you play with it!

This Asus notebook has an incredible angular design, and every facet and angle of this product seems to show how much Asus has been involving and wanting to make its products better and great looking for its customers and consumers.  You’ll see that the rears and the heat will be far, far away! You won’t even notice them, because these are placed in a manner not to create any disturbance!

Playing a game at this notebook will be much easier for the users; it has a tapered 5-degree slant design for ergonomic wrist position, and the palm rest area is cool due to the great rear venting design.

Asus G73Jh gaming notebook2

We will continue with presenting some specifications regarding this gadget: the exquisite Intel i7 Quad Core processor, 8 GB DDR3-1066, an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 with 1 GB GDDR5 VRAM, 802.11N/Gigabit LAN connectivity, a Blu-ray/DVD-Super Multi Combo drive and last but not least is the 1 TB of storage. These things permit you to have a great gaming experience on the run and more importantly, it’s at the highest level! Multitasking is a piece of cake with this gadget and you experience incredible gaming as you can see. The G73Jh notebook has controllable ambient lighting and great features.

Gamers can be happy from now on, because all the signs seem to tell us that they’re offered great opportunities and products in other to feast their imagination and mind with all the coolest products.

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