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Asus G73JW – gaming laptop

In case you’re looking for power and gorgeous features and let’s also add that you need a perfect gaming computer it seems that you’re going to be able to find it in this new product from Asus, namely the Asus G73JW laptop that is definitely considered as being the perfect gadget for you.

So, this one has at the basis an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M graphics that is going to deliver amazing features and images and not only- think of the hours and hours that you’re going to be able to spend in front of your gaming laptop and play your favorite games.

Asus G73JW- gaming laptop

This gadget has all the great features that you could possibly need and they offer you leading edge technology that are going to boost the mobile gaming to levels that you never could think of.

This laptop’s design has an aerodynamic aspect that will definitely make sure you’re going to be really proud of the laptop that you’re carrying with you. This one has a sleek style and sophisticated features, which are going to make you see indeed what we’re talking about. Also, the internal components will not make any noise and the fans are going to make sure that it won’t get too much heat. There’s also the ergonomic backlit keyboard that you have to know about and that will offer an interesting experience while you’re on the run and the surrounding light doesn’t help at all.

Asus G73JW- gaming laptop 2

So, we mentioned in the beginning about the fact that this one ahs an interesting graphics engine at the basis and that its going to offer you an interesting experience while you’re on the run and this is definitely something to take into account.

Asus G73JW- gaming laptop 3

The other feature that you have to know about relates to the Intel core i7 processor that brings amazing power and multitasking seems piece of cake it. Think also of the 3D animation features, the digital video, the adrenaline filled games that you’re going to be able to play, features to which we add the Power4Gear Hybrid that makes it possible to get advantage of highest levels of power and we’re referring to the “Extreme Turbo” mode.

Asus G73JW- gaming laptop 4

The other things that we need to mention about and you definitely have to read about relate to the 8GB DDR3 and 1.33MHz mempory, the 1TB of storage, the Blu-Ray combo drive that seems more than useful while you’re on the run and you want to play something directly from a DVD or CD. There’s also the Super Speed USB 3.0 connectivity that is also really important and the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system as well…. All of these cope into creating a gorgeous product, but not any gadget- it’s a gaming laptop.

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