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Asus gaming laptops – G series

Here’s another topic that is especially dedicated for you gamers and we hope that you enjoy it as well. This subject treats Asus gaming laptops and let’s present you the products that are a part of this line….

We start with Asus’s G72 series. This is the first sub series we want to speak about when it comes to the G line. These laptops are underlined by style and extreme entertainment. All of the gaming laptops from this line have amazing graphics performance with the graphics card from NVIDIA( GeForce GTX 260M), have also a great CPU performance with the Intel Centrino 2 processor, and these are only smart bits of all this gadget’s features….

It can be characterized also through the great 3D sound with Creative EAX and CMSS and let’s of course not forget about the keyboard that is illuminated every time the surrounding light won’t be helpful!

Let’s continue with the next gaming notebook from Asus under the G name-G73 models. All these products have a subtly aggressive exterior aspect and design that is inspired by the F-117 stealth fighter.

Asus G73

Leaving the exterior behind let’s not forget that this computer has at the basis powerful components like the Intel Core i7 processor with top quality ATI Mobility Radeon graphics. Let’s not forget also that this laptop has also DorectX 11 great graphics and also an 8-channel HD audio. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

G51 series has as components other three amazing models of computers. All of these laptops have a backlit Chiclet Gaming keyboard that will help you every time when the list surrounding you is not that great.

Asus G51

The G51 laptops have at their basis also the newest line of Intel Core processors, more specifically the i7 one- and this is a wonderful thing. Let’s not forget that these have also a Power4Gear Hybrid that will adjust CPU performance every time your gadget needs extra power and also let’s not forget about the 3D effects that will confer extra gaming experience for you users.

The last model that we want to mention about is under the G71 series. This laptop confers the performance needed and it definitely won’t let you down when it comes to extreme gaming. It has at the basis an Intel Centrino 2 processor that will propel your gadget to work properly every time you need it.

Asus G71

Besides the fact that you can play great games with the help of this gadget you can also enjoy your favorite movies in the highest resolution quality and also let’s not forget that you can listen to music, browse on the web and chat with your friends.

These gaming laptops can be used in other purposes besides the entertainment field and we’re sure that you already know this thing. Depending on the amount of money you posses you can obtain one of the products presented above at a high price, but you can also buy one that’s already used or refurbished and the quality will remain in the same line, you just have to know where to search in order to obtain a good bargain!

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