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Asus K-A series 2

So, we were speaking some time ago about the Asus K/A series of laptops and these are essential when it comes to your daily activities and not only. You can certainly get advantage of their features in such a manner that they can be switched really easily with a desktop PC and you won’t be disappointed in what concerns them.

Multitasking won’t seem a big problem when it comes to this particular series of laptops. You’re going to definitely get advantage of their features while you’re on the run and not only! We’re sure that you’ve got a general idea in what concerns these laptops and that you’re going to apply for one of these.

So, we got to the conclusion that you’re going to be able to multitask without encountering any difficulties, there’s also the IceCool palm rest that we think it’s going to seem really effective in all your daily activities and when you use your gadget all day long. There’s also the Palm Proof Technology that will separate your fingers from your palm and we’re certain that all the things exposed here sound quite great to you.

It remained only to describe the A series of laptop from this gorgeous line of laptops and really efficient in the same time.

So, we would like to continue with presenting the Asus A52F-X1 laptop that is going to seem a good option while you’re on the run and want to get advantage of marvelous features as well. The 15.6” LED backlit HD display is going to be useful when you want to see a movie or something like that. also, you can play games and get advantage of outstanding features, vivid images and not only…. The other feature that we want to relate to is the Intel Core i5 450M processor that will definitely bring you outstanding power and you’re going to be able to multitask really easy with its help.

Asus A52F-X1 2

Asus A52F-X1 3

You also have to know about the Intel HD graphics that is also a big plus for this laptop and you can be certain that you’re going to enjoy using it. There’s also he Blu-ray Combo drive that will seem a great thing as well and all of these compose an interesting laptop.

Asus A52F-X1 4

The next laptop with which we want to continue from this series is the Asus A52jc-x1. This one has a 15.6” HD display as well with a gorgeous resolution and marvelous features in the same time. Asus A52jc-x1

Asus A52jc-x1 2

The Intel Core i5 450M processor seems interesting as well as a feature and it permits you to multitask freely. There’s also the NVIDIA GeForce 310M graphics with 1GB of DDR3 VRAM that you need to know about and the 320GB of HDD.

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