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Asus K40in

Here’s another ultra-portable laptop from Asus that we want to suggest to you and it would be definitely ideal in case you want to apply for entertainment features and multimedia applications and to be more exact, we’re talking about the Asus K40in laptop.

This one is designed for those that are always on the move and want to experience an interesting multimedia experience. You can definitely get advantage of a high level of multimedia enjoyment and you also enjoy style and comfort no matter where you find yourself.

This laptop has a 14” LED display that makes sure you get all the power and features you could possible get advantage of. These are due to the NVIDIA GeForce G102M that delivers extraordinary visual effects, a true clarity and all the enjoyment you could ever get advantage of. The Altec Lansing speakers together with the SRS Premium Sound technology provide you a marvelous mobile computing experience and all the enjoyment there could possibly be. Did we convince you yet?

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If it’s designed for entertainment and multimedia features it definitely has to offer you an extended batter life and yes, the Asus K40in does this and it’s possible! This is due to the Asus Super Hybrid Engine that has the Power4 Gear Hybrid features and this consists in giving the right amount of power the consumer needs while he or she is using the laptop. In this process there are involved power adjustments and there’s a direct proportion to the tasks that the consumer performs.

The IceCool design, which can be found only in Asus laptops, makes sure that the rest palm remains cool and unaffected when you use your gadget. Also, this means that you can keep using your gadget your laptop for hours and hours without being affected too much and this is more than you can ever need.

Speaking in general about this laptop brought us to presenting some specifications! Let’s mention that you can choose between several configurations for this laptop and these include the Intel Core 2 Dup processor, the Intel Pentium Dual Core processor or the Intel Celeron processor.

You can also choose between several types of operating systems: Windows Home Premium or Windows Home Basic.

We’ve mentioned just how powerful the video and graphics memory are, let’s get back to the display and mention that it’s backlit it’s glare type and it has the Asus Splendid Video Intelligent Technology, which is more than enough for you. Also, the hard drive has up to 320GB and this is an interesting thing and very practical in the same time.

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