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Asus K72DR

Here’s a notebook that caught our eyes from the first instant and it struck to us as if we fell in love with it, we’re speaking about another interesting gadget signed Asus – the Asus K72DR. This laptop is presented as being as a perfect gadget for working and playing and you’re going to know all there is to be known by it from the lines to come….

The Asus K72DR is great for multitasking and it has great computing capabilities and this seems to be due to the new AMD processors at the basis. Another thing that you have to know is related to the Asus Power4 Gear feature that makes sure that you receive a high battery life and it makes sure that the laptop works properly.
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The Palm Proof technology touchpad makes sure that there is a difference between the fingers and the palm and you’re not going to encounter any difficulties when it comes to using it – your hand won’t get heated.

The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics delivers a high level of power and you’re going to receive amazing feedback, which is really great in the same time – it will be observed when you see movies and enjoy your daily activities. There’s also the 1 GB DDR VRAM that delivers a great visual performance and you will love this laptop only throughout this feature.

Asus K72DR

Not only is this gadget really efficient, but it’s slim and it can be easily carried in all the places you go – you’re not going to feel it in your backpack or wherever you’re carrying it.

You always get annoyed due to the fact that you always seem to find dust between the keys of your keyboard and you don’t know how to get rid of it – this won’t seem a problem anymore because there are the anti – dust keys that make sure everything works better and you will feel comfort while you’re pressing the keys.

Asus K72DR 2

Are you unsure in what concerns the security of your laptop? Well, you can stay calm because you’re not going to encounter any problems when it comes to anybody else touching your laptop. There’s the SmartLogon facial recognition access, which will definitely make sure no one unknown is going to touch your gadget.

Not only all these features characterize the Asus K72DR, but the fact that it’s designed in such a manner and you can move the display so that you don’t encounter any difficulties in observing everything on the screen.

The 17.3” display is more than enough for your daily activities and not only – you’re going to work with ease and in the same time you will enjoy movies in HD.

There’s the integrated webcam ideal for video conferences and talking with your relatives and close ones.

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