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Asus’ M4A90 series of motherboards

We’ve been talking and talking about Asus’ production of motherboards and here’s how we struck over the M4A90 series. This line will surely bring you extra performance with a turbo-charge.

Let’s mention in some words how this series functions: it will unlock the hidden CPU cores (with the Core Unlocker) and it will also increase with 30% the CPU frequency (with the Turbo Key II).

You have above some words regarding this line of product and now we’re going to discuss more about the M4A90 series of motherboards….

There was a short line regarding the Core Unlocker and we owe an explanation for this feature. Be sure that with this part you’ll be the experience of a true core performance and two extra CPU cores will be unleashed.

Also the resulting power is nothing compared to the effects produced by this feature, you’ll have stability from 3 or 4 cores and you know what extra cores mean, don’t you? If you have more cores, be sure that you’ll receive extra power!

Let’s mention the average power offered by the older models of motherboards: so the default level was 5463 and with the Unlock feature the results are marvelous, 11087.

The Turbo Key II feature will bring extra potential and will certainly turn up the performance level. Although the system will be brought to an extreme level it will be stable in the same time. Keep in mind that the Turbo Key II will bring instant boost, up to 30% and this is a marvelous thing.

We mentioned above some numbers with the Core Unlocker feature…. Let’s mention the default level: 200 MHz and if the Turbo Key II is added you’ll obtain a 260 MHz quality.

With the help of the GPU Boost you’ll upgrade your normal integrated GPU in real time, let’s also mention that you’ll obtain extra performance and there will be multiple O.C. profiles quickly loaded. In other words, there will be a 50% boost in the GPU performance and this is a marvelous thing. You’ll get advantage of your gadget at the highest level.

The default numbers are 700 MHz and with the help of the GPU Boost feature you’ll obtain 1050 MHz.

And now you may be curious where you can obtain these products…. You need to know that these products are available at Canadacomputers, NCIX, MemoryExpress, Neweff and MWave retailers and you can purchase this series very easily.

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