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Asus N53Jf

A strong and really efficient laptop is definitely the Asus N53Jf – it offers you an interesting mobile computer experience and it’s really effective in the same time. Using this laptop won’t seem a problem and in the same time you’re going to love what this laptop has to offer to you.

Let’s start with some general features, shall we? Well, the Asus N53Jf offers you the Sonic Master technology that is developed with the experience of Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. The visual enjoyment is enhanced with the Video Magic Technology; also this mobile computer has at the basis the latest processors from Intel, such as the Intel Core i3 or the Intel Core i5. With the USB 3.0 you experience high transfer speeds, which is also a big plus. Even more great is the power efficiency offered by the NVIDIA Optimus technology that offers your laptop great battery life, extended and for a long lasting laptop experience.
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The potent processors from Intel will help you experience thrilling adventures and you’re going to receive high productivity as well as living memorable moments. With the Intel Core I CPU deliver great power efficiency and in the same time you’re going to live a smooth user experience fact that makes this gadget very interesting.

Asus N53Jf

Asus N53Jf 2

With the SonicMaster features the sound will be in other dimensions – you’re going to simply love using this laptop and in the same time it will be a pleasure to use it in watching movies or the activities that you intend on doing with its help.

The visual aspect stands in the same way – only gorgeous visuals and colors and this means that cartoons will be the forte of this laptop, with all those great colors, but this doesn’t mean that you’re going to watch only these….

The efficient graphics solutions are great and this is due to the NVIDIA Optiumus switching technology; also let’s add that it’s going to be useful whenever it comes to the energy consumption – extra battery life and this is more than you need.

Asus N53Jf 3

The USB 3.0 works ten times faster than the USB 2.0 and we guess that you already know that. So, how about taking into account this aspect as well?

If you draw a line as a conclusion and see all the features and proprieties of the Asus N53Jf you’re going to end up with the idea that this is a really efficient laptop and you can definitely rely on it with all the things that it has to offer to you.

Indeed, it’s not only great looking but in the same time it’s really efficient and it’s going to deliver all the power that you need and the fun as well.

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