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Asus N61Jv

Through the multitude the great gadgets that Asus offers one can find the extraordinary N61Jv with splendid “super-sonic” multimedia enjoyment. The basic features regarding this products are: NVIDIA GeForce GT 325M graphics with NVIDIA Optimus technology, 10x transfer speeds with USB 3.0, Aural experience with the help of SonicMaster technology, Visual enjoyment through the Video Magic Technology and last but not least is the Intel Core i5 processor.

Through the SonicMaster technology this products offers a great sound quality and it seems designed for those that want to enjoy themselves while they’re on the run. In order for this to be realized there is a fusion between hardware and software. The SonicMaster audio technology is especially designed by members of the Asus brand in order to offer noise balance, volume, almost zero environmental interference, no sound distortion, great sound separating and dynamic sound range. Use the N61Jv Asus gadget and enjoy your free time with listening music and multimedia applications….

The Video Magic software package offers great visual experience: when we speak abut quality enhancement, video editing and transcoding. The Nvidia CUDA GPU computing technology offers great performance of the GPU processing cores, leading to greater video experience than the traditional GPU.

The Asus N series is powered by the new Intel Core I3 and i5 processors. Here you have combined intelligent micro-architecture and Intel’s unique technologies bringing you a nice mobile computer experience. Let’s also mention that you have the Intel Turbo Boost Technology that speeds up your processor when your PC is in need of extra performance.  The NVIDIA Optimus technology we’ve mentioned before switched between different modes, depending on your usage: it can be discrete or integrated mode.

The new 3.0 USB is ten times faster than the 2.0 USB. This new product transfers 500 MB from 2.5” HDD in only 1 minute and 41 seconds, which is wonderful compared with the time of 3 minutes and 49 seconds that USB 2.0 has to offer. Let’s also mention that this feature helps in extending the battery life, suspending operations while it’s in idle mode.

True Theater is a feature that boosts the resolution of normal DVDs to high definition 1090 p, which is obvious compared to 740p. It offers a natural touch of color and brightness to the images seen.

Media Expresso technology has a user-friendly interface which permits users to convert videos for being used on iPhone, iPod, PS3, PSP or Zune and so on…. it offers faster processing speeds, up to 300% for conversions on the move, quick ones!

This Asus gadget seems to have wonderful features, especially designed for those that like to enjoy the multimedia features and are still on the run. You can be captivated by a movie or nice tunes and still keep your favorite gadget with you. As mentioned before, the N61Jv notebook has great features and you can say that it offers vivid experience….

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