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Asus N82Jq

Asus’ N series of laptops is all about entertainment and great features, which don’t let you down at all in case you want to get rid of boredom. You’re going to get advantage of marvelous features and applications while you’re on the run and this is indeed a great thing.

We’re going to talk about several products from the Asus N series and you’re going to have a general idea concerning these and maybe you’re going to make a general idea in what concerns these products and thinking of purchasing one in the future.

We start with presenting you the Asus N82Jq laptop that will deliver incredible performance and you’re going to get advantage and experience marvelous HD movies as well as playing all sorts of games while you’re on the run.

Asus N82Jq 2

What exactly makes this laptop so interesting? First of all, it has at the basis the powerful Intel Core i7 processor with the Intel Turbo Boost Technology that will definitely boost performance in a great manner and you’re going to get advantage of the highest levels of power. The Asus Super Hybrid Engine makes sure that your battery resists and that you’re going to get advantage of your laptop for hours and hours and this is definitely a big plus.

Asus N82Jq 3

The Asus N82Jq has a 500GB HDD and let’s not forget to mention about the NVIDIA GeForce 335M graphics that will deliver the highest level of power for your daily tasks and not only. There’s also the Asus Video Magic software that makes sure you’re going to receive lag free movies and videos and without any crisps on. Videos and movies are just a pleasurable thing to do with this laptop in your hands.

Besides the fact that this laptop is ideal for multimedia features and entertainment there’s also the aspect and the looks. This is a very great looking laptop and it’s all about nice aesthetics and being practical in the same time. The chiclet keyboard makes sure that you can press easily on the buttons without encountering any difficulties and without a finger stumbling into the other. The track pad is really easy to handle and you certainly are going to scroll really easy through pages, documents and photos. There’s nothing into doing it!

Asus N82Jq 4

The Super Speed USB 3.0 confers you fast connectivity, in fact it’s 10 times faster than usual and also you can charge your phone with the help of it. It’s also compatible with the USB 2.0, but everything happens now faster than before.

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