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Asus NX90Jq 2

We were speaking about the Asus NX90Jq and it’s a pity not to take in consideration all the details surrounding it, because there were so many features and aspects that we omitted in our previous topic and we think that now it’s the time for doing things better.

So this particular laptop has at the basis great media sound and this is due to the Asus SonicMaster technology that can be described as being a mixture of hardware and software innovations and they’re developed together with the sound experts from Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. Let’s add that this particular software includes the best coded and it ahs also the highest powered notebook amplifier that is available today, let’s not forget also that it has oversized resonance chambers believed to be ten times larger than those that are found in any other notebooks. There’s the other feature that we want to mention about and it relates to the volume, the sonic range and the deeper bass- that end up with offering you breathtaking experiences with videos, movies and music.

The Asus Sonic Focus Studio software makes sure that you receive easy and audio-optimizing controls, there’s also the leading audio codec that makes sure you’re not going to hear any distortions and that everything has crystal clear clarity, the 11 watt amplifier offers higher volume and bass and these are definitely features that need to be taken into account definitely.

Asus NX90Jq 2

Besides the things mentioned up to this moment you definitely need to know that the Asus NX90Jq has at the basis top-of –the line components as well as technologies and you’re going to receive in this way an interesting computing experience and really smooth in the same time. this one is powered with the latest Intel Core i7 processor and by mentioning this feature we think that we made it kind of clear, but we also have to add there’s the Super Speed USB 3.0 feature as well as the Bluetooth v3.0 connectivity that you have to know about and which deliver great speed and it’s great whenever it comes to computing and data transfers.

The other thing that we have to mention about concerns the all-in-one multimedia center, the gorgeous graphics (NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M) that is going to deliver rich colors, detailed images and silk frame rates, features that can’t be compared to any other laptops and we’re certain that this sounds pretty great to you as well.

There’s also the Blu-ray combo that you need to read about together with the DVD Super Multi drive that will definitely bring you high quality movie entertainment while you’re on the run and you can be sure that these features won’t let you down….

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