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Asus S6F

In case you’re in need of a stylish laptop which you can carry in all the places you go it seems that Asus has the appropriate solution for this case as well. This gadget is the perfect blending of technology with compact aspect – Asus S6F.

The 11.1” display is going to offer great mobility and in the same time it’s going to make sure that you’re going to receive all the visual enjoyment you need! We’re sure that you’re going to spend a great amount of time in front of this gadget and enjoy all its gorgeous features.

Let’s continue with the technical specifications, shall we? So, first of all there’s the Intel Core Duo processor LV L2300 with a speed of 1.50GHz and that is going to prove to be a marvelous feature to take into account.
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There’s also the Windows XP Professional operating system that will prove to be really easy to use and we totally recommend it. In case you want to apply for an upgraded type of operating system we don’t push you to do it, because you’re going to end up with a gadget that works really hard and you’re not going to receive the expected feedback.

The Intel 945GM 128MB integrated memory will certainly bring great visuals and in the same time you can make sure that you’re going to end up with a great visual experience and this is all with the Asus S6F laptop in your hands.

The other features we want to mention related to the Asus S6F concern the super slim 4X Super – Multi DVD RW Dual Layer Drive, which will be ideal whenever it comes to burning DVDs  and take into account that not too many laptops have this feature at their basis.

Asus S6F

We would like also to continue with the Intel High Definition Audio chip, the integrated wireless features as well as the built – in Bluetooth V2.0 that are going to end up being a really effective whenever you decide to use these.

The Li – Ion 6 cell batter will turn out to have a long lasting battery life, which is definitely a good thing and you’re not going to regret applying for the Asus S6F.

There’s also the standard keyboard with 83 keys that we’re certain you’re going to love using and it’s not going to involve any difficulties, like stumbling fingers or searching for a button too much!

To all the details mentioned up to this moment we would like to mention also about the built – in Intel High Definition audio chip as well as the built – in microphone and speaker. Certainly with such features you’re going to end up with a good laptop in your hands, which is going to be a perfect travelling companion sometimes.

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