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Asus U Bamboo collection

Here’s something that will definitely sound interesting for those that care so much about their laptop’s exterior case and look. We’re speaking about the Asus U Bamboo collection that will seem a great variant for those that are on the look out of a good product which is covered in an elegant and good looking chassis.

So, if you apply for one of these, you laptop is not only going to look elegant and gorgeous in the same time, but it’s also ecological, because the usage of plastic is reduced with 15%. How about that? Did you take into consideration this aspect?

As you can observe this particular chassis is so great looking and it’s made with the nature in mind, fact that should please you as a consumer pretty much.

Asus U Bamboo 2

We’ve discussed about the exterior chassis of this laptop, let’s also look in the interior and see exactly what is it about, shall we? First of all, we have to mention that it has at the basis the latest Intel Core i5 processors that will definitely offer you the highest level of quality and power.

In case you were looking for a laptop that has a sleek design, a really gorgeous look, a long battery life resistance and performance then it seems that a laptop from the Asus U Bamboo collection is just ideal for you. We’re sure that we made you curious and we would be worried if we didn’t catch your interest, really!

Asus U Bamboo 3

Besides the Intel Core i5 processors there are some other sides of this laptop that involve a high level of power and quality, like the Intel Wireless Display Technology, the fact that it has also a switchable graphics, the USB 3.0 and you can be certain that with these great features you’re going to end up with a really efficient laptop, that is energy efficient in the same time and it works in a gorgeous manner!

Oh, and an essential thing that was forgotten to be mentioned is the fact that this laptop has at the basis Moso bamboo which works in a great manner with the brushed aluminum and not only are you going to receive a high level of power, but also it’s looking good and you can be certain that it will be a pleasure to carry this laptop with you in all the places you go.

Asus U Bamboo 4

Hurry up if you want such a great looking laptop, which is really powerful in the same time! You can purchase it from amazon.com and from bestbuy.com. we hope that this review here helped a lot in making a decision and you’re going to get convinced yourself whether it’s worth applying for such a gadget or not.

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