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Asus U20 is a beautiful and light laptop that will definitely seem an option to you immediately as we present it. So, this is a gorgeous gadget from the point of view of the aesthetics and also, it’s very practical and it’s all about functionality. This gadget has at the basis the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and you’re going to be able to get advantage of the multitasking functions. All in all it’s a very interesting gadget and we’re sure that our review is going to convince you of this thing.

The thickness of this gadget is inspired by the thinness of the wings of a butterfly and the LCD lid will remember you of this thing. The Asus U20 looks exactly like a butterfly once you open it and you can be sure that it won’t definitely let you down from this point of view. As a matter of fact, you can’t even feel it in your lap or wherever you’re carrying it with you. It’s a great combination of elements and one can be definitely be proud of such a gadget.
For this laptop there’s recommended the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system and let’s not forget about the Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The 12.1” LED backlit display is ideal when it comes to extraordinary visual features and viewing all the movies and videos you wish. You’re definitely going to feel a part of the things that you see, this is a big plus for this gadget and we’re sure that you won’t get disappointed of it.

The memory capacity goes up to 4GB and there’s a storage space up to 500GB. The wireless features will be very easy to use and effective whenever you feel like using these. The Bluetooth 2.1 will also be great whenever it comes to exchanging data and information between your gadget and other ones.

The multi-touch touchpad makes sure that the users browse into pages in a very easy manner and without encountering any difficulties. You’re going to feel just great, while you’re gliding and sliding into pages without any problems. Just think of how you can zoom in and out of the pages and things like that. The Intel ULV processor makes sure that the Asus U20 provides all day enjoyment and productivity and you can definitely take advantage of all the features of your laptop.

This laptop is equipped with the Asus Al Light sensor technology which makes sure that the keyboard, the touchpad and the display get illuminated whenever the surrounding light isn’t efficient.

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