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Asus U20A

Here we continue with our series of laptops and we would like to present to you a great looking laptop and really effective in the same time, we’re speaking about the Asus U20A notebook, which is really effective in the same time and you can be sure that it won’t let you down.

This laptop is really light and really beautiful in the same time. Besides these facts this laptop has a really high quality of performance and you can be sure that you’re going to remain pleased in what it concerns it. Also, this one is really lightweight and you can carry the laptop no matter where you find yourself.

With the help of the Intel Core 2 Duo processor you’re going to be able to get advantage of some powerful features and you can be sure that you won’t remain disappointed from any point of view. Multitasking isn’t hard at all when it comes to this laptop and this laptop is the clear definition of a good looking laptop and powerful in the same time.
Let’s dig in and see exactly what is this laptop all about, shall we? Besides the fact that it’s really fine and thin in the same time, you won’t even feel that you’re carrying it with you. Also, the LCD lid shines in a very pleasant manner and it offers you a really interesting view all the time. So, you’re going to view all the possible movies on the 12.1” LED backlit display and this will definitely be a big plus for you, because you’re going to live a nice multimedia experience and you can be certain that you won’t get bored. Also, the images and videos delivered are really vivid in the same time and this is a big plus for this laptop’s display.

The Asus U20A laptop has a memory capacity up to 4GB and storage options up to 500GB, things that mean that you’re going to place as many files and documents as you can in it and this is definitely a great thing.

Also, power and energy will be definitely saved with the help of the Intel ULV processor and you’re going to experience a nice battery life, which means that you can carry your laptop in all the places you intend on going: all day long you’re going to enjoy movies and you can be sure that you’re going to enjoy a great multimedia experience without encountering any difficulties.

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